Kerry Knudsen, CFP

Certified Financial Planner

Kerry Knudsen is a Certified Financial Planner and graduate in Business Administration providing professional advisory services regarding business succession, investment, retirement and estate planning since 1982. As an independent advisor and "Risk Manager", Kerry has developed a comprehensive, client-centered, and bias free approach that has been the cornerstone of his success.



Over the last 30+ years we have assisted many individuals, including business owners, professionals and their families, achieve "peace of mind" through sound financial planning.

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Simplifying a complicated financial world

Investments & Retirement Planning

Whether it’s an RRIF, TFSA, an RRSP, or Registered Education Savings Plan, our strategies are based on proven, time-tested ideas and advice. How taxes are applied to an investment can have a significant impact on future results and achieving your goals. The rules and regulations pertaining to each type of investment account are different, and should factor into the decisions you make. Let us help you sort through your options for optimal results.

As investment advisors, we assist our clients with a thorough analysis of their investment holdings and will recommend many of Canada's most highly respected professional fund managers to help you achieve your investment goals. Access to private investment pools and alternative investment strategies are also available to our high net worth clients.

Whether you're embarking on a new financial plan, planning for your retirement, or income planning during retirement, having a well thought out plan is key to your success. We assist our clients with analysis and planning for future wealth, financial security and a life with peace-of-mind.

Insurance & Estate Planning

Determining your Life, Disability and Critical Illness insurance needs can be overwhelming for most, with the many factors and budgetary constraints to consider, along with a myriad of product options available. Furthermore, if you’re a business owner, the establishment of an Employee Benefit Plan can be an equally daunting task, which we can help to simplify. Business owners often require “Key-Person” and Shareholder Agreement funding and analysis, also needing a well-crafted strategy to accommodate their specific circumstances in the event of death or disability. There is no “one size fits all” solution with any of these subjects. Let us help you to simplify these matters by first clarifying your unique individual or business requirements, followed by a thorough explanation of your options.